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Member Mr Ronald Joy

We have been informed by his son that unfortunately member Mr Joy has passed away. If any member who knew him would like to attend his funeral it is on Wednesday 24th February at Weeley Crematorium at 3.30pm.

Closure of waters

On Sunday 1st March, Alresford will be closed from 8am until 2pm for essential tree maintenance.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but the situaton can not be avoided.

Changes to the Match Fixture List Part 1

Unfortunately, some of the match dates have had to be altered due to clashing with another angling club. The changes are listed below:
11th January at Decoy Pond, Brantham has been changed to 4th January.
5th April on St. Osyth Triangle has been changed to 29th March.
3rd May on Decoy Pond, Brantham has been changed to 26th April.

Changes to the Match Fixture List Part 2

There has been another venue change to the fixture list due to parking problems.
The Match on Sunday 8th February that was to be fished at Ramsey Brook, will now be fished on the Rectangle at St. Osyth

48 Hour Matches

We have got 2 48 hour matches coming up in the next couple of months, as per the fixture list, both being organised by member Mr. Dylan Treacy. The first is a team match between members of Paxmans Angling Club and members of the Infantry Carpers. The second is a members only Carp and Catfish match. Both are being held at Home Farm, Ardleigh and both still have spaces available. The team match still needs 4 places filled and the members match still has 5 places available. The details of how to contact Mr Treacy to put you name down can be found on the fixture list page. The team match is for fun but the members match was asked for by the members, so where are you!

Lost Tackle

An item of tackle has been found at Ramsey Brook, Wix by the Chairman. By it's condition it has been left accidentally and not thrown away. If you think it may belong to you please contact the Chairman to make arrangement to collect it.

New Tackle Shop

We have been contacted by the owners of a new tackle shop opening up in the area, giving us their details. It is called Fishing Bankside Ltd, and can be found at 30A, Straight Road, Boxted. Their contact details are: Telephone - 01206 273256, E-mail address - Web site - . They cater for all styles of fishing ie Carp, course, sea and game to all skill levels. They offer quality main branded tackle and bait as well as a growing range of independent manufactures that they have sourced and included within their shop.

Home Farm padlock - Ardleigh

We have been told there is now a combination lock on the gate at Home Farm, Ardleigh. Unfortunately, the owner has put on a 3 digit lock and not the 4 digit lock that we are used to. Because of this members will only need to use the first 3 digits of the current lock number to open it. There should be a 4 digit combination lock on there after Christmas. For obvious reasons the lock number will not be published on this web site, any problems please contact the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or any Committee member.

Pike Tuition

Committee member Mr. Gary Bradford, is in the process of organising a day of tuition for Pike anglers, for both those members with experience and those without any. The day will be run by members of the Essex Division of The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain and will probably be at Alresford. The day will be very informal and will cover pike fishing, which rigs should be used and unhooking methods etc. If you would like to be included on the day then please contact Gary Bradford either through the facebook page, or through the secretary. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your pike fishing, with the best in the country.

Guest Tickets

For those members living in the area of St Osyth, The Tackle Box is now selling guest tickets. Please remember that only the member can buy a guest ticket as they have to show their membership card, the guest can not buy it. Also, please be aware guests are not allowed at Decoy pond or at the Golf Club lake.

Paxmans - Rumors

The club has received 2 E-mails from another angling club saying how sorry they were at the news of Paxmans folding! If anyone hears this going around or knows where it started from, could you please correct those concerned. It may have a very negative response to future members if they get to hear it. We are not closing and have no intention to do so in the future.

Paxmans on Facebook

Remember Paxmans Angling Club is now on Facebook. It is a closed membership page which only allows members to join. It gives you the chance to chat to other members, hear the gossip on how the waters are fishing and what has been caught. If you log on to Facebook and search for Paxmans Angling Club it should load, then just ask to join. It is worth joining, why not give it a try?

Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club Lake 3

The new car park is open and available for those fishing at the lake. The easiest way to get to it is to head for the actual golf club entrance and take the right hand turn off just before you go in. Stay on this road and it is the first exit on the right hand side. There is an old broken wooden gate and an electricity pole almost in the way. Follow the track inside the gate, it skirts the edge of the field, through the trees and as it starts to go down again past lake 2 on your left, our car park is on the right in amongst the trees. There is room for a number of cars but only if members park sensibily. Please don't park at the front and assume you will be the only one there that day. The ground is sold enough for parking on but a bit soft in places so please be carefull as you leave, don't churn up the area and spoil it for everyone else!

Manningtree Angling

As many of you may already know, Manningtree Angling has moved back to it's main base in Commerce Way, Dale Hill Industrial Estate. The new telephone number to request a guest ticket is 01206 392175. The 10% that had been offered to Paxmans Angling Club members has had to be reduced down to 5%, you just need to produce your membership card to claim it. The shop now covers clothing, a large section for sea and predator fishing, and coming soon an upstairs section for shooting. For those interested they also have an E-bay shop and web site.

Ramsey Brook, Wix

Member Mr. Barry Hattrel and his team have errected an anti-cormorant rope across the water, we hope this may reduce the amount of cormorants found on this water. Some members seem to be under the immpression that the rope means half the lake is closed. The whole lake is open as uaual.

Fixture List

There has been a change of matches on this season's fixture list. The Team match against AAA that was to be fished on October 2nd at an away venue will now be fished on October 16th. This means the club match that was at Ramsey Brook Wix, on October 16th will now be fished at Ramsey Brook, Wix on October 2nd instead.

Falling Trees

With the strong winds we have been having recently, there have been a number of trees go down on our waters, the main being Alresford. Can all members please be aware of the situation when on our waters. Be carefull of any large branches that look like they might fall. If you see anything you think the committee should know about, please call one of them, phone numbers are on the back of your fixtue list.

Live Baiting

There are rumours that a bailiff was heard offering another member, a young lad, a Roach as live bait for the Pike at Alresford. Members are reminded that live baiting is banned from all Paxmans waters at all times with no exceptions. Any member found deliberately live baiting will have their membership removed.

Night Fishing - St. Osyth

We have recently been contacted by the land owner at Lodge Farm, St. Osyth, regarding night fishing on the Rectangle. He is concerened that the sight of night shelters around the lake at night is attracting campers onto his land. Because of this he has asked that we remove the option of night fishing on this particular lake. Night fishing is still allowed on the Triangle for those with night permits, but is no longer allowed on the Rectangle with immediate effect.

Golf Club Parking

There is some building work going on at the site which is interfering with our car park. The entrance gate has been permanently locked and we have been asked to use the staff car park further down the course. If you approach the golf club lake from the Leavenheath Road, then you need to take the next lane on the left. If you aproach it from the other direction then it is the lane one before our usual entrance. There is a slight hill when you go down this new entrance, and the staff car park is at the bottom of the hill. Please make sure you have your parking permit on show. You will then need to walk the length of lake 2 to get to our lake, lake 3. As usual you will need to be aware of golfers as lake 2 is on the flight path.

Decoy Pond - Brantham, Part 2

The lease has been signed and sent off with the first years rent so the pond is officially now ours. Can all members please be aware of the rules for this pond, 3 more have been added to the list below. Any member who has a current membership card has the right to challenge someone fishing on Paxmans waters so please, if you re unsure of another angler, ask them to show their membership card. If need be remind them of the rules. If it is something you are really not happy about then make a note of their name and membership number and inform one of the committee.

There are special rules being put in place for this pond and anyone caught not sticking to them will be removed and reported to the committee.

1. No guests.
2. No keepnets.
3. One rod only at all times.
4. No night fishing.
5. Fishing from designated swims only.
6. Adequate landing nets and unhooking mats must be used at all times.
7. No lure fishing.
8. No bait boats.
9. Parking permits must be on show in vehicles while in the car park.


Home Farm


We would like to make all members aware that there have beeen reports of Catfish fry in the weed at Home Farm. While this is good news for the water is it bad news for the fry as when people are clearing out the weed and putting it up on the bank, the fry then die. If you have to remove any weed from the margins can you please check it very carefully for any fry that might be caught up in it and put them back in the water.


Please can all members that fish at Home Farm, Ardleigh, please be aware of dead lines. On the evening of Wednesday 30th June two lengths of line about 30 - 40lbs were found tied to a tree with 3 large hooks on each and baited with worms. They were found tied to a willow next to the pump house very cose to the waters edge. Can all members have a look around their swim where they are fishing and remove any that are found and report them to a commttee member.

Guest Tickets

With the unfortunte closure of Porters, we have lost a main supplier of club guest tickets. We can now report tickets can be found in both Snags, Haven Road, Colchester and Colchester Bait & Tackle, Harwich Road, Colchester. The usual rules will apply, only the member can request a guest ticket not the guest, you must show your membership card and they are £5.00 per ticket.

Porters Tackle Shop

We have received the sad news that Rob Smith, owner of Porters Tackle shop, has died of a heart attack while on a fishing holiday in Scotland. The funeral detals are as follows: Colchester crematorium, Thursday 17th June at 2pm. Family flowers only but donations can be given to RNLI. There are to be no black suits, no ties and if you own a footbal shirt you are requested to wear it. Afterwards, there will be a gathering at The Foundry Arms in Artillery Street.

Ramsey Brook, Wix

There is a new lock at Ramsey Brook which now only opens to the correct number shown on the front of your fixture lists. Please remember to check the number before you leave home.

Home Farm Ardleigh Work Party

The work party went ahead on Saturday 3rd October to remove some of the willow shoots. Although there is still more to removed, a lot was cleared and will make a big diffrence to the fishing when the water level rises. Thank you to those few who attended, this counts as your work party so you won't have to do another next year.

Lost Pole

Recently while fishing at St. Osyth Rectangle, one of our members lost the top 3 sections of his pole. The usual reason, he turned his back for a second and a fish took the lot in. If anyone finds them can they please ring the secretary to arrange collection.

In Memorial

It is with great sadness that we have to report the loss of two of our longest members. Mr Fred Macauley and Mr. Robert Clarke, Nobby to those that knew him, have both recently passed away. They will both be missed especially Nobby who was a past Committee member and a match angler for many years.

Live Baiting

There have been reports and rumours that people are live baiting on club waters. Each member is allocated a Rule Book when they join and this should be read and signed at the back to show it has been read. Under the section called Fish Welfare Rules, rule number 2 states, "No live baiting on club waters". The rules of the club are there to protect the members and the fish stocks and should be taken note of. Anyone caught live baiting will be reported to the Committee and may have their membership withdrawn. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The Committee

We have recently had two members of the committe resign for various reasons and we need to fill the spaces. If you would like to get a bit more involved with the club why not give the committe a try? We meet on the first Wednesday of each month, and usually the meetings are no more than an hour and a half long. If you would like to come along, then give one of the committee a call, details are on the back of your fixture list, and we would be glad to welcome you on board.

Junior Team Match Sonia Turner Trophy 2008 (postponed from 2nd August)

The 27th September was the date of the Sonia Turner Trophy, held at St. Osyth, Triangle. The match was Paxman’s against Alresford Angling Association. Each club had a team of 4 and fished for 4 hours. The weather was good with no rain, and every junior went home with a prize as usual in our junior matches.

1st Paxmans Angling Club 53-9-0

2nd Alresford Angling Association 36-10-0

1st Jasmine Lines 25-11-0 Paxmans

2nd Joe Fowler 17-2-0 A.A.A.

3rd Jack Divison 13-10-0 Paxmans

4th Danny Lee 13-0-0 Paxmans



Golf Club Lake 3

A warning to anyone planning to fish at the golf club. There is a wasp nest reported in peg 4. All members are asked to be carefull if fishing in that area.


You may have heard on the local news or read in the local papers that we have a problem in the River Colne at the moment. There is an outbreak of crayfish plague that is killing the crayfish. At the moment as far as we know the crayfish that have been affected are turkish crayfish but this disease is a deadly threat to our rare native crayfish which are smaller. Anyone who is fishing the River Colne is asked to help prevent the spread to other rivers and lakes. The plague spores can be carried in water or on damp equipment. If you are planning to use your fishing gear or other equipment in a water other than the River Colne, please follow these procedures. Clean off all mud and vegetation and empty out any standing water. Then either: Allow equipment to dry thoroughly, including all nooks and crannies. Expose to sunlight if possible. Or Apply or immerse in disinfectant. The best ones to use are iodophores (sold as udder wash) or Virkon S, available through agricultural suppliers. If these are not available, then bleach or anti-fungal products can be used. Please contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 for more information on disinfection procedures or other queries.


This photo has been sent to us of Peg 1 at Alresford recently. Paxmans has a very serious view of litter being left on our waters. It is a danger to wildlife and the environment and unpleasant for other members who wish to fish that swim. It weighs less when empty than when full so why not take it back home with you. Any member who is caught leaving litter will be brought before the Committe and possibly banned from the club.














Junior Matches

The Junior Interclub Match was held on Saturday 12th July. The venue, last years winners, Cox Lake at Alresford.The match is a team match of 4 between Paxmans, Alresford Angling Associaton and British Telecom. Although, the weather was very hit and miss and the fishing was not as good as it usually is on that water, Paxmans team won. This means for the first time we will be hosting the match next year. Well done to all 4 team members.

1st Paxmans Angling Club 29-2-0

2nd British Telecom 28-4-0

3rd Alresford Angling Association 19-0-0








Junior Team Match 4th August Sonia Turner Trophy

The 4th August was the date of the Sonia Turner Trophy, held at St. Osyth. The match was Paxman’s against Alresford Angling Association. Due to AAA having trouble raiseing a full team, each club put forward two anglers to fish for the trophy and everyone fished for the individual places. The day was dry and hot and the carp were cruising on the surface the whole match. The four juniors fishing for the teams all fished their best and our two did us proud as usual. A good day was had by all and each junior went home with a prize of some sort regardless of what place they finished in.

1st Paxmans Angling Club 40-4-0

2nd Alresford Angling Association 28-8-0

1st Danny Lee 22-11-0 Paxmans

2nd Jack Davison 17-9-0 Paxmans

3rd Lauren Carling 14-1-0 A.A.A.

4th Aiden Carling 12-7-0 A.A.A.



Lost Property

We have had some items reported found and lost in the last few weeks. On Tueasday 10th July one of our members was fishing at St. Osyth and accidently left behind a green canvas rucksack type of bag with all his reels and tackle in. He went back the next day when he realised it was missing but someone had already taken it. If anyone has picked it up could they please let the Secretary know so that it can be returned to the rightfull owner.The other item is something found. During the last two weeks of July a mans 9ct gold signet ring was found at Alresford. It has distinctive features on it so if you think it may be yours please again contact the Secretary and give a discription.

Night Permits

The Committee has recently been asked the question "why can't Juniors have a night permit?" It had always been a no as we were worried about misbehaviour, but as there have been no negative reports come in and the Juniors are always accompanied by an adult it was decided to give it a go. So as from now, any Junior can apply for a night permit. You will have to give the details of which adult member you will be going with, as this will be added to your card. If any Junior is found fishing at night on our waters without the allocated adult, then the night permit will be removed straight away without a refund. The cost will be £10.00 per permit, cheaper than the adult's and can be obtained from the Secretary. The Committee will let this run for a season and see how it goes, any reported trouble and we may have to reconsider.

Sad News

It is with much regret that the Committee has to announce the passing of one of our longest members, Mr. Cyril Gittens. Mr. Gittens was one of the founder members of the Angling Section within Paxmans Athletic and Social Club, as it was known at the time. He was Chairman and Fisheries Officer within the club as well as performing many other duties as they were required. The Committee will miss both his knowledge and his friendship, as will many others who have known him.

River Colne, Bakers Lane Stretch

We have recently been told by the land owner we lease the fishing rights from, that he is selling the land. The Committee contacted the new owner to ask if the present situation could continue but unfortunately, the new owner has said his insurance does not allow us to be on his land. Therefore we no longer have access or fishing rights to this stretch of the River Colne.

Water Levels Situation

Good news. Both the waters at St.Osyth are now open again. Of course we are keeping a carefull watch on them in case the owner starts pumping again. Please note though the keep net ban is still on for these two waters.

Cloth Badges

We have been asked by some members if we have any club merchandise, well we do now. We thought it best to start small so we have ordered some cloth badges, there is a picture below. They are 9cm wide, an outside ring of royal blue, inner circle of sky blue with a white Bream in the middle. The text is in gold and reads "Paxmans Angling Club" at the top and "EST 1950" at the bottom, they look very smart. The cost is officially £3.00 per badges but members have suggested and been paying £5.00 per badges to try and boost club funds. They are available at the Working parties or by post via the secretary.

Essex Police

We have been contacted by Essex Police to see if by any chance anyone was in or around Castle Park or River Colne on the night Jim Attfield was murdered and might have seen something that would help them. It was the night of 28th to 29th March and Jim was found at 5.45am on the 29th. For those of you familiar with the River Colne, Jim was found on the opposite bank to ours in the narrows. For those not familiar, behind the new buildings on Cowdray Avenue opposite Halfords. If you can help at all the number to call is 101 extension 486160 and leave a message, or crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 (calls to this number are confidential, you don't have to give your name), or you can e-mail at





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