Paxman's Angling Club

Club Match Rules


1 One rod and one hook only, to be used at any one time at all matches.

2 Persons arriving after the completion of the draw will be unable to enter the optional pools and the Match Organiser wil draw their peg.

3 No person will draw pegs for another competitor during draw times, including the match organiser, who will have someone else draw for them.

4 Competitors are permitted to plumb the depth before the start of the match. But no ground baiting or loose feeding before the whistle.

5 All fish must be landed unaided by another person.

6 A competitor will be allowed 15 minutes after the final whistle to land a fish.

7 All matches will start and finish by a whistle.

8 No rod or line to be left unattended in the water.

9 No competitor to unnecessarily disturb any other angler during match times.

10 A minimum of 15 paces between each peg where possible.

11 Pike and sticklebacks do not count.

12 Objection to any swim must be made to the Match Organiser. An alternative swim may be found or match fees/pools returned, at the discretion of the Match Organiser.

13 Pool monies to be paid before the peg number is drawn.

14 Persons found breaking any of these rules may be disqualified from the match concerned.

15 The Match Organiser, with two others, have the final decision.

16 Competitors tied on points will be decided by the highest aggregate weight.

17 Pegging fee, £1.00 per competitor per club match.

18 Tickets are available by contacting the Match Secretary no later than the Friday prior to the match.

19 When fishing with a pole or rod you cannot feed with a pole cup attached to a second pole or rod while the baited pole or rod is still in the water.

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