Paxman's Angling Club

Club Constitution


1. The Club shall be called "Paxmans Angling Club" and its aims will be to promote the sport of angling and provide facilities for its members.

2. Membership will be open to all persons irrespective of age or sex at the committee's discretion.

3. The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by the following, the Chairman, Treasurer, Fisheries Officer, Secretaries and a committee to a maximum of twelve. These positions shall be elected by the membership annually at the Annual General Meeting. All the above officers shall be over 16 years of age. Voting powers shall be invested in each member except the Chairman who, if there should be an even vote, would have the deciding vote. A quorum of the committee shall consist of four members. The committee has the right to co-opt members as required for specific duties, these members can attend committee meetings but have no voting powers.

4. The Club fiscal year shall run from the 14th March to the 13th March.

5. The Annual General Meeting of the Club must be held on or before the 31st of March. At the Annual General Meeting, outgoing officials may stand for re-election if they wish. The above committee's term of office to run from midnight of the day of the A.G.M. to midnight of the A.G.M. the following year. The duties of the committee shall be as follows.

5a. The Match Secretary shall be responsible for the arranging of the Clubs competitive programme whether on local or distant waters.

5b. The Match Secretary shall be empowered to co-opt such members to himself as required to assist in the arranging of this section.

6. Meetings of the committee shall be held at the Club Headquarters during the first week of each month on a day suitable to all members.

7. The Committee has the power to consider and decide the placing of any restocking supplies as may come available on conjunction with, and subject to, any decision of the water authority.

8. The Committee can advise and appoint water bailiffs as necessary to patrol club waters.

9. The Committee has the power of negotiation on all matters appertaining to the rental and purchase of waters and equipment.

10. Officers or committee can only serve the club if he or she is not an official or committee member of any other club

11. The Annual subscription to the Club shall be those operative at the A.G.M. prior to the season opening. The subscription shall cover the period 1st June to the 31st May the following year and shall be subject to annual review by the Committee. For all age purposes, the operative date shall be the age on the 1st June.

12. The finances of the Club shall be banked. The account shall be in the name of the Club and the chequebook shall be held by the Treasurer. The signature of the Treasurer, together with that of either the Secretary or the Chairmen are designated to sign, shall be the authority to draw on the Club funds.

13. The allocation of Club funds for the rental of waters shall be agreed by the committee annually and shall be subject to review. No individual water rental will be divulged; total water rental only will be shown on the Club's balance sheet.

14. Confidential information pertaining to leases or the rental thereof will not be divulged to any person or persons other than officers or committee of the club, any divulgence of these matters will be a disciplinary offence.

15. The Club shall place in both Deposit and Current Accounts any surplus funds not required for seasonal expenditure and for this purpose the Treasurer shall be empowered to make such deposits as thought wise within the accounting system of the Club. Any withdrawals from either account shall be over the signature of the Club Treasurer, together with that of either the Secretary or the Chairman.

16. Neither any Officer nor Committee member shall be liable to any member or guest of a member for any loss of or damage to any property occurring from whatsoever cause in or about the Club Headquarters, or on any organised Club events, nor any injury sustained by any member or guest in or about the Club Headquarters, or any organised events; the same applying to any Club water.

17. Any proposed amendment to this Constitution must be made in writing to the Secretary not less than four weeks prior to one of the following; A Special, or an Annual General Meeting, and must have a proposer and a seconder.

17a. Any member taking action under the first section of this clause must be prepared to attend the meeting to state their case. Failure to do so, or to supply a Nominee to act on his or her behalf shall result in the motion being void. Such a nominee must be notified to the Secretary in writing not later than four days before the due date of the meeting.

17b. Any amendment to the club rules must be made in writing to the Secretary not less than four weeks prior to one of the following; A Special, or an Annual General Meeting and must have a proposer and a seconder. The committee reserves the right to amend or add to the rules at its discretion.

18. That this be a permanent club and not be dissolved or removed except by convening a Special General Meeting, at which it shall require the sanction of two thirds of the majority of the voting members present. Each member to be notified by post by the Secretary, and should the club be dissolved, the property to be equally divided amongst its current members.

19. INDEMNITY RULE The officers of the club, being the Chairman, Secretary Treasurer, Match Secretary, Fisheries Officer or any member of the Committee so authorised by the Committee shall not incur any personal liability for any duties properly carried out on behalf of the club and any officer so acting shall be entitled to be indemnified from club assets.

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