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Fixture List Correction

We have to send our apologies, there is a mistake in the Fixture List. At the moment it reads the 48 hour Committee match runs from the 6th July to the 8th July. It should read from 12 noon on Friday 5th July to 1pm on Sunday 7th July. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our members.

Decoy Pond, Brantham

The building work on site has now reached the pond. There is a no entry sign on a new road turning right at the far end of Factory Lane. We are able to use this road to reach the pond. Turn into this road and turn left at the end, then left again, basically going round the building site and back to the pond. We can park in the area by the metal fences but not in front of the cottage or blocking it in any way. Please be aware that other traffic still uses that road going into the factory, so please be aware of where and how you park. The promise of a car park is still there, hopefully by the end of September.

Ramsey Brook, Wix, Lake 2

Can everyone please be careful when taking a vehicle onto lake 2 as the land owner is pumping into the lake, and the pipe is running right across the entrance area.


The newsletters will be going out shortly. Anyone who has moved since they rejoined last year and hasn't let the Secretary know their new address can they please do so asap. Thank you.

Change of Date on Matches

There has been a change of dates on 2 of the coming matches. The Dave Allen Memorial match will move from the 7th April to the 28th April. The Club Match at Decoy Pond, Brantham, will be moved from 21st April to the 14th April.


As from Sunday 24th June, the field gate at Alresford no longer has a key padlock. It now has the usual combination lock and the new owner has given permission for all members to be able to use this entrance.
As usual please re-lock the padlock after you, do not leave it unlocked.
The owner has requested that vehicles no longer drive to the bottom of the slope. There is a sign showing how far you can take your vehilce down.
Please park sensibly and think of other members while parking.


The new season has started for joining or re-joining. Existing members can re-join at a working party, through a local tackle shop or through the Secretary via the post.
If you re-join at a working party you will get a reduction of £10 off your membership fee (£5 for Juniors).
New members can join at a local tackle shop or through the secretary.
New members can not join at a work party.
The local tackle shops are Clacton Angling Center, Colchester Bait and Tackle and Wass's of Copford.
New members will require 2 passport photographs and existing members will be required to produce their membership card.

Winter Tickets

The Committee has made the decision to introduce a Winter Ticket. These will run from the 1st November to the 31st March and will include night fishing. The cost of these will be £70.00. At the moment they can be purchased from the Secretary, Clacton Angling Centre and Colchester Bait & Tackle. They will be available in other tackle shops shortly.

Golf Club Lake 3

It is with great regret that the Committee has to inform all members that as from the 1st October we no longer have the lease to fish at the Golf Club. This is due to the reduction in members over the last few years and the financial impact it has made. The decision was made to drop a water rather than a big increase in membership fees.

Home Farm, Ardleigh

There is now a new lock on the gate at Home Farm. The lock number is the same as the other waters, the number is on the front of your Fixture List. You will need to position the numbers in the right order then pull the black button on the side of the lock to open it. To lock it again, position the hasp in place and push the bar closed again until you feel it click. Please shut and lock the gate behind you and DO NOT let anyone else in behind you; if they do not know the lock number, they do not have permission to be on the water.

Water Closures due to spawning

As you would have read in the newsletter, the Committee, along wth advice from the Fisheries Officer, have decided this year that when fish start spawnning the relevant water will be closed until they have finished. This is for the welfare of the fish as in the past we have caught members trying to catch them while spawning, casting right in the midst of them and the fish end up with damage. We will let you know which and when waters are closed.

Waters closed at the moment:

All lakes are open.


Match Fixtures in April

For those that fish the club matches, the 2 matches to be fished April have been swapped arouns. The Dave Allen Memorial is now on the 2nd April and the club Match at Decoy Pond is on the 16th April. For the match times and details please see the Match Fixtures page.

Mr Barry Cox

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of our longest serving Committe member, Mr Barry Cox. He passed away on Friday 23rd September. Many of you may have met him while fishing at Alresford. His funeral, for anyone who would like to attend, will be on Friday 28th October, 2.45pm at the Colchester Crematorium. The family have requested no flowers, but donations to Macmillan Cancer Support can be left with R. Gwinnell's on Ipswich Road, Colchester, or via their website.

Members Applications

We are trying something new with the membership applications to try and make it easier for people to join. Instead of picking up an application form, taking it home , filling it in and posting it, then waiting for your memership card to arrive; we now have temporary memberships. You can go into certain tackle shops, pay your membership fee and walk away with a permit to allow you to fish straight away. You will be given a form to fill in and send off with your photos to get a permament membership and so long as you do that within 21 days everything is sorted. Unfortunately, if you decide not to follow up with the form and photos, or delay longer than the 21 days, your temporary pass will no longer be valid and you will forfit your membership fee. Why not give it a try? You can find them in Colchester Bait and Tackle, Angling Direct and Clacton Angling.

The Temporary Membership's are now also available in Wass's at Copford. Another bonus with Wass's, if you take in your membership card they will give you 10% discount off all recommended retail prices.


New Tackle Shop

For those members who live near or in St Oysth, there is a new tackle shop recently opened - Alfies Angling. The address is Church Square, they have a board outside os it is easy to spot. They have allpications forms in stock. The telephone number is 01255 821959.

Ramsey Brook Reservoir 2

As from 1st June the new water at Ramsey Brook, Wix is open but with its own set of rules. Every member that has rejoined has received a set but here is a reminder.


2. No guests.

3. No stalking fish, fishing is from the 10 barked swims only.

4. No fish are to be moved between the 2 reservoirs.

5. No fish are to retained by any means.

6. No fishing from the 2 end banks

7. When fishing on opposite banks, the centre of the water is the casting limit. Please have a bit of courtesy and common sense.

8. No bait boats are to used.

9. The mainline must be of a minimum 15 lb breaking strain.

10. Landing nets (a minimum of 42 inches), and unhooking mats must be used.

11. 2 rods only to be used in the summer months

12. 3 rods may be used during the winter months (1st October - 31st March), if in possesion of the correct permit.

48 Hour Matches

We have got 2 48 hour matches coming up in the next couple of months, as per the fixture list, both being organised by member Mr. Dylan Treacy. The first is a team match between members of Paxmans Angling Club and members of the Infantry Carpers. The second is a members only Carp and Catfish match. Both are being held at Home Farm, Ardleigh and both still have spaces available. The team match still needs 4 places filled and the members match still has 5 places available. The details of how to contact Mr Treacy to put you name down can be found on the fixture list page. The team match is for fun but the members match was asked for by the members, so where are you!

Poachers at Alresford?

There has been a report of some unwelcome visitors at Alresford. There has been found the usual supply of empty beer cans, accompanied by cider cans but this time the remains of a Carp has been found. We are asking for everyone to please keep an eye out for anything suspicious and if you are not happy contact either a member of the committee or a club bailiff. Remember, every member has the right to confront anyone on club waters, but please don't put yourself in danger by doing so.

Parking at Ramsey Brook, Wix

Can all members please be aware the car park / track is very muddy at the moment. It has ben advised that members do not try and go to the very end of the car park but stay nearer the front and use the steps to gain access to the water.

A New Supplier of Bait

We have been contacted by one of the owners of S & J Trophy's (who sponsor our Open Matches) to say he has started up a buisness dealing in baits. The company is called "Lead Lodge Weights 'N, Baits", and it is situated within S & J Trophy's on Turkey Cock Lane, Copford, opposite the Swan Pub. Their Boilies and Glug are supplied in the following flavours: Black Squid, Pineapple, Tutti Fruity, Scopex, Bloodworm, Coconut & Tiger Nut. Pop-ups are supplied in Bloodworm, Black Squid, Coconut & Tiger Nut. Pellets are supplied in Liver, Green Lip Muscle, Bloodworm, Coconut and Scopex. There are further details on their web site - . They will offer a percentage off any order to members of Paxmans Angling Club on presentation of a current memership card. The same discount can also be gained from the web site by entering the current lock number when promted.

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